Terms and Conditions

Parental Contract & Terms and Conditions

Pre-School Constitution

Stepping Stones has copies of the Pre-School Learning Alliance Constitution and a copy is posted on the noticeboard for your information.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Parents/Carers should accompany their child into the Pre school at the start of the session, and when collecting a child, should remain outside until the session ends. Children will be kept on site until a parent arrives for collection. However if you are late, we have to enforce the “abandoned child” policy, which means contacting social services. If you are running late please call Stepping Stones on 01283 791951. Please try to be on time for both your child’s and the staff’s sake.

If for any reason the person who normally collects your child is unable to do so, you must inform the play leader. Please give the name of the person collecting your child, as this will save any embarrassment. If there is any person who is not allowed access to your child please inform the play leader. Please note your child cannot be collected by anyone under the age of 16. All outside doors to the hall are kept locked during sessions. We cannot take children onto the premises of Stepping Stones until 9.15am because of insurance issues. Please do not ask staff to take your child in early.


Fees must be paid in full in advance if a new starter and each half term for children returning to Stepping Stones. Envelopes will be provided for you to make your payments. Cheques should be made payable to “Stepping Stones”. Any cheques that bounce, for whatever reason, the parent will have the costs incurred by Stepping Stones bank passed onto them. If paying by cash it is the parental responsibility to obtain a receipt from a member of staff. Failure to pay for more than three weeks may result in your forfeiting your child’s place. If you are having difficulties in meeting payments, please speak to our treasurer.

Please remember that you are purchasing a place at playgroup and not merely the sessions attended. If your child is absent, for whatever reason, you will still be charged for the session. If the absence is due to long term illness, an arrangement will be made. Please inform the playgroup if your child is going to be absent. No fees are payable when the playgroup is closed. Four weeks notice is required to cancel a child’s place at playgroup if leaving mid-way through the term. You are entitled to suspend your child’s place for a term if you feel that they are not ready for playgroup, although we cannot guarantee that you would regain your place, however this must be done in writing.

Parental involvement

The playgroup wishes to involve the parents of children attending as much as possible.


Records will be kept of your child’s progress and achievements and these will be accessible only to the child’s parents in consultation with the playgroup staff and the chair of the Committee. All records will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and are kept in locked filing cabinets.


If your child has a rash, sore throat, raised temperature, sickness or diarrhea, please keep them at home until they are better. The playgroup follows the guidelines for children with infectious diseases set out by the Directorate of Public Health. If your child is taken ill or has an accident at playgroup you will be contacted and asked to collect your child. In an emergency our local GP will be called and, if necessary, your child will be taken to hospital. 

Head lice and impetigo are not uncommon in children this age and children should be kept a home until treated. If your child is found to have head lice, they will be sent home. Any open cuts/grazes should be covered with a plaster.

In the case of absence for more than one week, (chicken pox, hospitalisation, extended holiday etc.) please inform the play leader so that your place may be reserved for your return.

Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy with regards to our management of the coronavirus in our setting and children who are symptomatic.
Information about Playgroup

This is displayed on notice boards in the entrance hall. Please check them regularly in case there is anything of interest to you. The committee produces a newsletter, every month giving details about forthcoming events, fundraising and other news.

Medicines should not be brought to playgroup, but should be given at home. Any vital oral medicines or aids that may be needed during session times should be labeled and handed to staff together with written authority and instructions for use.

Children will be provided with a drink and a snack during the session. Please do not give your child sweets or other snacks to bring to playgroup. Your child should bring their own clearly marked beaker for their drink.

All children must bring with them a named bag and a spare set of clothing. If still in nappies, please also include nappies and wipes. During the summer months please include hats and sunscreen for outdoor play. Older children (3 plus) will need a named PE kit.

 Please do not bring jewellery, money or other valuables to playgroup. Please do not bring toys from home into playgroup. Unless a specific toy is a comforter which cannot be left at home, please do not bring them with you. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of your child’s belongings, however, playgroup cannot be held responsible for any losses that occur.

Essential Paperwork that is required
You must submit to the playgroup, chair or new starters coordinator the following documents BEFORE your child will be able to attend their first session; The first half term fees, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, registration fee, registration form, signed copy of the Parental Contract, security form, emergency services form and sunscreen policy. If we receive all of this in time, we will be able to inform you who your key worker will be.